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 Post subject: Do you want to become a maiko? Fill out the form:)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:30 pm 

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I found a questionnaire, which was at page of Gion Higashi. Please, can someone to translate it?
See bottom of page -

Thank you!

P.S On this page you can see list of all okiya of kagai!!! ... tent_id=19
ochaya - ... tent_id=17

 Post subject: Re: Do you want to become a maiko? Fill out the form:)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:48 pm 
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I can translate it, but how? ) Just to post another form with English words?

 Post subject: Re: Do you want to become a maiko? Fill out the form:)
PostPosted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:53 pm 
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How did you come across this?
It's very interesting.
And did you ever get it translated?

 Post subject: Re: Do you want to become a maiko? Fill out the form:)
PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:12 am 
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■  新しいホームページ
A new homepage
̈“Gion Higashi dance and song assotiation”
Thank you all for cheering Gion Higashi up.

This is a homepage of Gion Higashi dance and song assotiation; some information floats here up all the time.

Here are blogs of maiko and geiko.

“Welcome (kurik)”

■ 祇園祭の特別企画
The special planning of the Gion Matsuri.

A quick course about o-zashiki for women

You participate with men.

This day we offer you a free kimono or yukata full set with kitsuke.
【第1部 懇話会】 お座敷遊びを楽しむための100分
“The 1st part, a friendly talk”, so to have 100 % fun:

All over the Japan the authority of the houkans — the entertainers of the o-zashiki is growing up.

When the guests meet, hanamachi's geiko and maiko start the conversation, traditional games, any well-known games are acceptable.

If there are no maiko.

【開催日時】 平成22年7月17日(土) 午後2時~
“The day and time” is the 22d year Heisei era, the 17th of July (Sat.). starts at 2 PM.

【参加費】おひとり 3,500円  お飲み物とおつまみ付き
The ticket for 1 visitor is 3,500 yen. Drinks and snacks included.

【会場】 観亀神社 祇園石段下「祇園会館」の北側(うどん処「たきの」との間)の通りを西に
“The place” is Kanki shrine, you move to the road between the udon place downstairs from the Gion's community center's northern wall. Move west.
【第2部 お座敷体験】 舞妓さんとのんびり午後の100分 
“Part 2 o-zashiki”. The afternoon maiko-san 100 %.

When you watch Maiko-san's dances, make some photos and enjoy the flawless conversation at the same time.

Guests can assist maiko?

【開催日時】 平成22年7月17日(土) 午後4時~ 
“Day and time” is Heisei, 22, July, 17th (Sat). Starts at 4 PM.
【参加費】おひとり 12,600円 [懇話会とセット 14,000円]  京料理のお弁当とお飲み物付き
A ticket for one person costs 12,600 yen (14,000 with a warm conversation and set), Kyoto-style o-bento and drinks included.

【会場】 お茶屋 富菊 祇園石段下「祇園会館」の北側の通りを西に七軒目
“The place” is o-cha-ya Tomigiku, downstairs by Gion's stone stairway, by the northern wall, follow the road, head west to the Kamishichiken.
【お申込み方法】 FAX:(075) 551-0230 またはEメール:[email protected]
Contacts for making a ticket request.

    お茶屋 富菊(〒605-0073 京都市東山区祇園町北側347 TEL:(075) 551-0230)まで
O-cha-ya Tomigiku's contacts.

The plan is: a warm conversation, o-zashiki, set. Let us know your name, contacts, the number of visitors.

In Gion Higashi's o-cha-ya Tomigiku to become a dear guest from a one-time visitor you should make only one move.

We have a special plan for the tourists.

Here we have it in detail.
■ 第53回 祇園をどり
This odori is celebrated the 53d time.

This day will always be within your heart.
【開催期間】 平成22年11月1日(月)~11月10日(水) 予定
“Day and time” is Heisei, 22, November, 1st (Mon.). — November, 11th (Tue)

【開演】 13:30 / 16:00 (2回公演)
The beginning of the 1st performance is at 1:30 PM, 2d — at 4 PM.

【会場】 祇園会館(京都市東山区祇園石段下)
“The place” is Gion community house (Higashiyama ku, downsatirs by Gion's stone stairway)

【観覧料】 お茶券付き 4000円 / ご観覧のみ 3500円
“The price” for the tea ceremony is 4000 yen, to take a view is 3500 yen.
The last year's ceremony in detail →
To get a a ticket for the teahouse assotiation for the 1st decade you should contact us September or later.

Gion community house's agency sells tickets from October.
“We have a ticket request!”

An approximate day is this spring, after the highschool kids graduate.

If you want to become a maiko, fill the form below.

Read this well and fill out the form (look right).

Come to Gion Higashi with the filled form!

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